Donations Gladly Accepted

     On my website I keep a list of classroom things that would be nice to be donated. Often people have things that could be very useful that they are trying to get rid of or throw away.


     Last year, a student’s parent donated a huge box of printer paper –the old kind with the holes on the side.  Oh my goodness! I have used that paper continuously for scratch paper, drawing paper, project paper—you name it. I am so grateful that this parent thought of us!


     Other things I could always use in the classroom are: dictionaries and thesauruses, classroom library AR books, resource books that can be used for projects/research, etc…


     My tip today is remember to ask parents to donate things that you need that they might otherwise throw out.  If people know that you are the type of person who accepts hand-me-downs, you will find yourself getting a lot of stuff. I almost never say no, because invariably I will find someone who needs what was given.

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