Waste Not Want Not

     As a teacher and a mom, I am often called upon to volunteer at functions and events.  Recently I was working the kitchen at a large event and a lady came up to me and said, ” Aren’t you the lady who saves the coffee grounds and eggshells for her garden? Do you want them tonight?” She remembered me from two years ago when I volunteered at a big event and went home with a five gallon bucket of coffee grounds to use as fertilizer in my garden. I have a reputation in town! (I’ll post another time about how to save tons of money and eat healthfully by growing your own garden.)


     At these events, I notice that there are many people who do not have my frugal outlook who throw anything and everything away that is still useful.  In the past, I’ve gotten gallon-sized glass jars (good for making sauerkraut, wine, kimchee; as well as for storing grains, beans bought in bulk), bags, cups (for starting seeds) and perfectly good food. I usually go home with all the neat throwaway containers with lids. I wash them in my dishwasher and always have containers for taking food to the sick or for events.


     Many, many times, food is simply thrown away at the end of the night. I’m guessing this is because people (or I should say, “sheeple”) are taught in today’s society to be ashamed of saving money or taking home leftovers. Luckily I have no such embarrassments and have benefited greatly.  Once on a scout trip there was TONS of leftover food. Many things were in huge UNOPENED boxes. All the moms had driven there in absolutely pristine cars and said they did not want to put food in their cars. Wow! How do they get food home from the grocery store, I wondered?  Had I driven in my own car, I certainly would have taken all the leftovers. It pains me to see good food thrown in the garbage. What a terrible lesson for scouts.




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