Free Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans from Agriculture in the Classroom

Agriculture in the Classroom is a program started by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help students understand where their food comes from.  This is an issue near and dear to my heart. Few Americans truly understand how important and fragile our food system is.  We take it for granted.


But it’s not only about that—it’s MUCH more. It’s about integrating math, science, language Arts and social studies in a beautiful way.


You can find tons and tons of good quality k-12 lesson plans here.


Plus, your state agricultural extension service office has even more resources that can be purchased or rented. 


I was lucky to attend an all-day training session last summer that was really terrific. Many hands-on activities in all disciplines were offered.  Your state may also run these trainings for teachers.


I think these teacher resources are high-quality!  Let me give you one as an example that I’d like to use. 


It’s called “More Than One Grain of Rice: Integrating Mathematics, Geography, and (Agri)Culture” and can be used in grades 4-6.You can get the lesson plan here.


Among other things, students identify the major producers of grain and calculate the “Doubling of One Grain of Rice.”  What a great way to teach exponential numbers and geography! Add a little fried rice and you’ve got yourself a really cool lesson!





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2 responses to “Free Teacher Resources and Lesson Plans from Agriculture in the Classroom

  1. I just stumbled across your blog via Great site! I’ll be back!

  2. prudentclassroom

    Hi Californiateacherguy!

    I enjoyed reading your blog:

    I put the link here because it didn’t show up and I thought others should see it.

    Your acrostic poems looked great and gave me some ideas. I need to incorporate more poems and word play into my classroom.

    I hope you will write more about what you are doing in your classroom. It’s kind of like touring new homes and getting ideas for your own. We normally don’t get to see what goes on in other classrooms (kind of like making sausage:)) but it is definitely beneficial. At my school, we are supposed to observe each other. It’s hard to find the time, but I need to do this more….

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