Beating Lice , Dandruff and More with Homemade Remedies

The combination of lice becoming more resistant to medications (which are usually insecticides, by the way) and the fact that many parents don’t pick out the nits, (the eggs) means that getting rid of lice in a classroom can be difficult.

An old timey remedy is to rinse hair with a 50:50 vinegar to water rinse.  This unsticks the glue the nits that stick them to the hair.  The beauty of this is greater than meets the eye. 

First, the vinegar rinse is a preventative to getting lice (remember, teachers are not immune.) Next, this rinse is great for removing a buildup of hair products from your hair—it’s a natural conditioner too.

Next, a rinse used in the shower will also combat athlete’s foot and nail fungus.  That’s because vinegar is a natural fungal agent. 

Last, this vinegar solution will cure most causes of dandruff.  One reason for this is that most forms of dandruff are believed to be caused by a type of fungus.  Whatever  the reason, it really works and is much cheaper and a natural alternative to dandruff products. Especially if you make your own vinegar!

You keep a 50:50 vinegar to water mixture in a large, recycled shampoo bottle in the shower. 


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