Dollar a day Eating Plan

A couple of California teachers ate food costing only $1/day for a month to prove it could be done. You can read about their project here

The wife is a vegan, so there was no meat involved in their diet. But, if you think about it, most of the world eats little meat. For years I could average $1 per meal per person in my household. This is mainly because we grow much of our food. This saves more than the grocery bill because there isn’t the fuel cost to get to and from the grocery store (we live far from a store). In the last year, however, it has been difficult to achieve dollar meals.

I bring this to your attention, because I’m sure there are teachers who are caught in financial straits in these economic times who might be able to glean some information from their experience. What do you do to save on the grocery bill?


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2 responses to “Dollar a day Eating Plan

  1. Greenchik

    Places like Produce Junction and farmers markets will provide inexpensive and locally grown fruits and veg. One pound bag of generic brown sugar for .50 for your otherwise tasteless oatmeal will last a long time. (come on guys) A 5 pound bag of potatoes often on sale for .99 at places like Murrays and other chains stores.. Yams often on sale for .49 or .59 a pound. Try one for breakfast sometime with some Jiffy or other cornbread. (Often 3 for $1.00.) It lasts quite a while. Bread at the bakery outlet store, often 2 loaves for $1.00. A 2 or 3 pound bag of greens cooked with a smoked turkey wing will provide flavorful and cheap nurishment for several days. A lot of us have been doing this for a long time. Go back and learn to cook from scratch like your grandmother did. Publicity seeking media strumpets.

  2. prudentclassroom

    Greenchik: You are very correct in what you say: eating healthy foods that are not processed, whose prices don’t reflect huge advertising budgets and are thrifty are the way to go!

    While I know .49/lb sweet potatoes are the usual prices these days, I still find it hard to pay THAT much! My windowsills are filled (and still being filled) with tons of sweet potato vines that will become a huge crop next year for us!

    Not only should we be cooking like our grandmothers, we should be looking at how most ethnic folks cook. Most places around the world eat tons less meat. They make up that protein by adding corn and beans and rice to the diet. How many folks do you know that make cornbread, Greenchik? Sadly, I don’t know many my age. Yet it is one of the cheapest most nutritional things to make!

    I hope through this blog to help others learn to be like you, Greenchik. Most people don’t know how to do it and don’t know anyone to teach them.

    I hope that you will add some of your recipes and ways of doing things to help others here too!

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