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Small Whiteboards for playing Games

Classroom games are fun ways to learn and review, but often purchasing the materials can add up.  Each year I try to add to my arsenal so that student interest is constantly being stimulated. There are old standbys we always play, but I add new games that are specifically related to one area or another.

While some games are provided with the curriculum, sometimes pieces are lost over the years with teachers switching rooms, etc… Or, the curriculum will have a great idea, but it takes a lot of time and some expense to create the visuals. If you teach in middle or high school, you need to use materials that will last the day while being handled by 100 students!  Mere paper won’t do.

One solution is to make small whiteboards yourself using bathroom tileboard from the hardware store. Tileboard is used to insulate bathroom walls from the moisture.  But they are erasable and cheap. That is, if you already own a saw.

I save my markers that are starting to be less sharp for these games. If you don’t have enough money for a classroom set of whiteboards, you can make enough for six and play the game with groups, or take turns.

You can also make a cheaper, easier version using zip lock bags. See the instructions at instructables.


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