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2008 Edublog Awards: What Jewels Will Be Found?

     I really enjoy reading blogs of other teachers. There is never enough time to watch our fellow teachers hone their craft. Even the brief time in the lunchroom (and I do mean brief, once you deal with Bobby who lost his lunch money or Shakira who is checking out early) is only spent with the five or so teachers who have the same lunch time as you do.


     That is why I am looking forward to seeing the list of best educator blogs after they are published.  I hope someday to be on this list, but that is just a goal at this point.


     I must read educator blogs at home with a cup of coffee because our school district’s firewall screens out blogs. That’s unfortunate, because I get SO many excellent ideas for my own classroom from these fine teachers.


     I’m going to make it a point to steer some of my readers to the best ideas I’m seeing in other blogs. I’ll try to do a roundup of good posts I read.


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How to Subscribe to This Blog and Other Blogs So You Can Keep Up With Changes and Additions

If you want to subscribe to this blog, go to http://www.google.com/reader and download a blog reader (it’s free). Google’s blog reader is easy to use. In this way, you can subscribe to as many blogs as you want and know when there is new information to read. Every time you open your blog reader, you’ll be alerted of any new posts made since your last log-in.

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