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Gift from the Printer

     Recently I was at a local printers making and enlarging a copy from an old photograph I have of our town. (note frugal tip for another post….)


     When the store clerks learned I was a teacher, they gifted me with a box of paper scraps that they had accumulated.      They said that the store owner’s wife had been a teacher and before she retired, she used these paper scraps in many ways.


     Boy, have I used them!  Most of them are card stock. The wide ones I use for making sentence/word cards, games, bulletin board title backgrounds, etc.. The smaller ones go in a box that are available for students to use as bookmarks.


     This weekend, I am using them to make a game where you write the longitude/latitude of a city on a card and the city name on another card. Students must match their longitude and latitude to the city card.  What a lot of money my games would cost if I had to buy cardstock for each game!

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